Tuesday, January 5, 2010

why i dont totally hate winter

yeah: i am a winter hater! i grew up in the berkeley and when i wanted to see snow, we drove to it...which was never cuz i hated the cold and frankly, we were too poor to go skiing. now, i live in dc and i cant believe i live in a place that has "winter"...its only been 30+ years here. ugh: its just the beginning and i am complaining already: not cool! the good thing about the mid-atlantic is, it is not usually so miserably nasty: january usually has at least one 60+ degree day-sometimes 70-; and flowers will be blooming in february; and then its done. if i didnt have a dog and was not forced to be outside daily, i would be completely miserable here. so, i look for the good parts. like, the leaves are all down, exposing the true beauty of the trees: their structure and composition.

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