Monday, May 17, 2010

front porch

my neighbors love to hang out on their front porch all the time: i think its a great idea, so im trying to make mine more like a sitting room. i found this vintage metal and wicker table at a tag sale and covered it with my cactus and succulent collection from inside the house: hoping they wont get sun burned! the pansies are still looking pretty good and give a little privacy when im sitting out here: they will soon be replaced by sweet potato vines and nasturtiums. all i need now is a pretty indoor/outdoor rug and a baby gate to keep the dog in.


  1. I like your choices. I miss having a front porch. We hang on the back porch most of the time as it's next to the pool, but I'm working on my front patio/garden still (work in progress) so we can enjoy the front too! Well done!

  2. thank you kimberly! the house is going to be under renovation soon (fingers crossed!) and im trying to enjoy the peacefulness while i can!