Friday, April 1, 2011

cherry blossom festival 2011

despite the chilly temperatures and gusty winds, the cherry blossoms at the tidal basin are hanging in there: peak bloom time is right now through sunday! if you havent seen this annual spectacle, you are missing out! driving there and parking is difficult at best; metro + walking is what i would recommend...there are tons of activities and events both saturday and sunday all around town, so go and enjoy the pretty pink blossoms!

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  1. We went last year and the weather was perfect. This year, not so, we've stayed home. The blossoms are beautiful this time of year, regardless of the temps. I did a blog post on my visit last year so feel I won't be missing out if we don't get up there again right away. I thought it was spring, after such nice weather there for a while. But with this cold spell we've had, I'm not sure what season it is;-)