Wednesday, May 25, 2011


i never liked radishes until i started eating at meylin's: the pickled vegetables are inspiring and delicious. so, now i am growing them. the radishes in my square foot garden needed big-time thinning as i planted the entire pack of seeds in 12 square inches (last year's seed). i now have a ton of radish greens...what to do?
apparently there are lots of things! i am not so big on the radish greens raw as they are a little furry, but...
braised radish greens
1. cook radish greens with olive oil, garlic and a dash of nutmeg until wilted and garlic is cooked.
2. add a dash of balsamic vinegar.
3. remove from heat.
4. salt.
5. pepper.
6. eat.

radish green soup
1. cook onions and/or leeks over low heat with olive oil until soft and slightly carmelized (10-15 minutes).
2. add radish greens and cook til wilted.
3. add 1medium/large chopped potato
4. add 8 cups of cold water and/or broth. bring to a boil and cook til potatoes are tender.
5. remove from heat and let cool slightly.
6. salt and pepper.
7. smooth in a blender then strain through a fine sieve or chinoise.
8. stir in some lemon juice.
9. adjust seasoning
10. top with a dollop of greek yogurt topped and chopped chives.
11. eat.

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