Friday, December 2, 2011

how to make a holiday wreath

every year i dream of making and baking all of my christmas gifts, but somehow, december 25th seems to catch me by surprise and i have no time left for these tasks. this year my plan is to decorate simply, buy handmade gifts from my artist and crafter friends, and finally, enjoy the season! i am going to make a wreath, however! i confirmed this decision as i slipped down the stairs on a recently fallen sweet gum ball and turned my ankle. i had seen a diy project of a white sweet gum ball wreath and i was going to make it! i havent collected the gum balls yet, but i have ordered a straw wreath and floral pins: i hope they arrive today so i can make the wreath this weekend! my intentions are good, but if i dont follow through, i can always order a wreath from etsy:)

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