Sunday, March 21, 2010

first spring weekend

this was the first weekend of spring and it was worth the wait! temperatures were in the mid 70's and after a long hard winter, it seems like things are actually looking up... especially the daffodils! i spent as much time as possible outside trying to soak up any and all warmth available. i ran the dog down to the creek so he could have a quick swim and through the woods to see if we could find where the eagles have nested this year. i watched the mister relocate leaves and rake thatch. we paddled yesterday and today, but stayed in our creek as the potomac river and chesapeake were a bit on the choppy side with all the warm wind blowing in from the south. i watched a crow couple build a nest in a loblolly pine and wondered if their babies would be adorable or evil. i drank cocktails and watched the sunset.

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