Thursday, March 11, 2010

flood alert

i get alerts on my i-phone when anything bad happens or is going to happen in the dc metro area. right now, its a flood alert , and that is not good! all of the sand, salt, garbage, asphalt scrapings, car drippings, kitty litter, dog crap, and varied rubbish from the last few months of wintery hell will be washing down the sewers to the creeks and rivers, and finally into whatever water you live near. polluted stormwater overflows into our water supply. here are three ideas from the audubon naturalist society we can all do to try and reduce the toxic stew.

1. fix leaky cars
2. choose organic fertilizers, but don't apply them if your yard is frozen or before the big rain storm. 
3. use CMA-calcium magnesium acetate- for future de-icing ventures

here are ten other very easy household ideas to help our local waterways and reduce your carbon footprint.

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