Tuesday, July 13, 2010

gardens of the smithsonian castle

the other day i met some friends downtown to check out the brian jungen exhibit at the national museum of the american indian, which none of us had been to yet.  the three previous days were over a 100°, but this day was a gorgeous 89° with low humidity and a nice breeze.
we took metro to the smithsonian stop so we had to walk a few blocks to our destination, but it was a lovely stroll on the national mall! the plantings at the smithsonian castle were a major highlight! 

 beautiful color combinations ...petunias with roses...coleus edgings ...old time-y blooms like four o'clocks...
every thing was just sparkling.
the water feature in front of the american indian museum was quite cooling!
the exhibit at the museum was wild...and inspiring.

we absorbed the entire experience-along with a few ginger martinis-at hotel monaco:
sweet ending!

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