Thursday, October 8, 2009

crab apple trees

when I was a kid in Berkeley, we had a crab apple tree in the front yard: my parents designed and built a deck around it, and it promptly died the next spring. in the interim, I tried making pies with the bitter fruit. the baked good looked pretty and tasted nasty! still, it started me thinking about cooking, and especially pies! I haven't tried reinventing my original crab apple pie recipe lately, but as fall descends upon us, I do notice how enticing the little fruits are: so cute! the birds seem to really go for them.


  1. R.H., Oh man do crabapples bring back memories. As a kid our crabapple tree was my fave to climb in the orchard. I still remeber the killer crabapple butter my Grandmother made. Whoa...what a trip down memory lane your post inspired. Thanks, oh yeah, found you from Blotanical Stop by sometime.
    Scott(Liz and the Professor)

  2. This is a tree of my childhood. Nice post, thank you!