Monday, October 12, 2009

what is this shrub?

i love this plant, i just dont know what it is! it's not that i am lazy: i dont have any of my books over here in virginia...i do have the internet though...ok, maybe it is because i am lazy...this is a lovely shrub that blooms daisies in october! i have to water this woody guy (like a hydrangea) a lot during summer, so it cant be a native to this semi-arid area.
really pretty.


  1. I would say - daisy! Compared the photo with my own daisies'pictures. The difference is - how the leaves are located on the stem. I am curious now. Will hope someone knows the answer!

  2. The blooms do look like daisies...but the leaves almost look like succulents. I've never seen this before! I hope you can find the answer!