Saturday, October 17, 2009

grain silos

everytime i drive by the grain silos in the northern neck, i dream of converting a few of them into a variety of living spaces. one would be a guest house; the second could be my studio; number three would be a very organized shed. wait: i need one more for a potting shed! the ones above are great inspiration. Abbey Road Farm Bed & Breakfast, shown in the photo on top, has three grain silos incorporated into one large structure. the silo converted to 1-bedroom loft apartment is a unit available for rent at the gruene homestead inn in texas. love these! via weburbanist.


  1. They look neat, don't they?

    DH would never agree to converting the grain bin to anything else. It is a storage place for shelled corn, or oats, or other grains. The bins would need to be well insulated to use for habitat.

    I have been in a grain bin in the next county that was converted into a brooder house for growing quail. Hard to describe, but there were several levels of cages built into the bin.

  2. I've thought the same thing but only with my 40 ft high concrete silo :)

  3. I have seen the one at Gruene, Texas. Nice post, we use what we have, don't we?