Thursday, April 29, 2010

how to grow potatoes

today my potato planting bags arrived and i couldnt be happier! i started planting potatoes about four years ago on valentine's day: the first year was awesome! the second year was good at first, then we got 11" of rain followed by drought and the potatoes were done; last year, potato beetles ate them to the quick...this year, i didnt plant early because we had a ton of rain, snow and freezing temperatures that persisted through march followed by a super hot and dry april. i decided to go with the bags this year because of the beetles and the fact that i dont have enough space to rotate the crops. i have a plot in an open field that was infested last year and yield nothing: other gardeners are currently planting potatoes there equalling more bugs. i also have a shady garden at the beach house with super poor soil and a garden in maryland that is going to be eliminated due to impending construction. so, the portable bags seem like the answer over the more permanent potato box! i bought four bags, each one will yield 13+ pounds of potatoes... i am going to consecutively plant them on my deck every few weeks: you start with 4" of soil; add 3-5 potato seeds; cover with 4" of soil; with each 8" of vine that grows, cover with 4" of soil; repeat until the bag is full. so easy and delicious!

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