Monday, April 26, 2010

wonderful wisteria

this is the time of year wisteria is in it's full glory...and i love it! these beautiful blooms are from a neglected neighborhood american wisteria vine that is rambling up a metal telephone pole support. they can get rather large and need sturdy support: the largest wisteria in the world measures over an acre(!) and weighs over 250 tons (how do they know that?), so you better have sharp shears if you want one! i love the lavender-to-blue color.


  1. Your wisteria is just so gorgeous. I have had one for twelve years and the thing will not bloom. I want blooms like yours LOL!

  2. this is a neighbors: i wish i had this beauty. when i was researching for this post, i read stressing- sort of brutalizing!- the wisteria would cause it to bloom! this one was blooming 3 weeks ago, and nobody has touched it in years; some gardeners have all the luck:)